Anthropologie Art Hack

Happy Monday everyone! It's raining and a little dreary here today, but I don't mind the rain. Our garden and plants could certainly use it.

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was interesting, to say the least. Saturday, we decided to go to a Drag Brunch here in Richmond. What is a Drag Brunch?, you might ask. It is a two hour drag show performance, hosted at Godfreys, with bawdy divas strutting their stuff, while you enjoy a tasty brunch and cocktails. I guarantee you've never had brunch like this before! If you are in the Richmond area, you have to check it out at least once!

Later that evening, we decided to go check out the NASCAR Sprint Cup, going on at the Richmond International Raceway. This would be my first official NASCAR experience. Unfortunately, some things came up, and we were very late to the race. We did catch the last half hour of the race, and the finish. That's the most important party anyway, right? After the race, they allowed fans onto the track for a little post race party. We hung out for a bit, enjoying the music and giveaways, before heading home for some much needed rest. All in all, I think it was just the right amount of NASCAR for this gal. I think we may show up late to next race!

Today I'm going to show you how you can make your own gorgeous piece of art like this one-of-a-kind piece that retails for $1,500 on Anthropologie.



It's so much easier than you think to make unique mixed media pieces just like this one. You can layer scrapbook paper with different prints, you can tear pages out of old books, or you can simply print out clip art images like I did here.

What you need:

Printer paper or card stock paper

Scrapbook paper (optional)

A small canvas

Mod Podge

A sponge brush

Brown acrylic or watercolor paint (optional)



How to make it:

I used the Graphics Fairy website to source all of my images for this project. This is a great resource for clip art to use for any number of DIY and crafting projects. You'll need to save each of the images below, and print them out. Make sure to size them to fit your canvas. You don't want to wind up with images that are too large or too small. You can use a simple paint program to paste your images to, then resize them as needed. Use Print Preview to see how large your images will be on an average sized paper.

Vintage Bird Image

Vintage Photography Image

Vintage Invoice Image

Ornamental Image

Print and cut out each of the above images. I used different colors of card stock for this, but plain printer paper will work just as well. Arrange your pieces on the canvas to get an idea of where you want them. Then, set the pictures aside and begin with the image that you want to be at the bottom of the collage. Flip it over and use the sponge brush to apply a nice even layer of Mod Podge over the entire surface. Make sure to cover all the way to the edges, or they won't adhere to the canvas. Place the picture on the canvas and use your fingers to smooth it out. Repeat with the remainder of your images, until you have covered the canvas.

If you would like to add a little more of a vintage look, use  brown watercolor to "stain" the images. Or, you can use a little bit of brown acrylic paint and water it down for the same effect. I used the same sponge brush for this, making sure to clean it well before switching to the paint. Once you are happy with the look of your collage, allow it to dry for 2 hours. Then, follow with a layer of Mod Podge over the entire piece to seal it. When the seal has dried, you have a one of a kind piece of art that cost you less than $10!

If you don't like these images, feel free to browse around the Graphics Fairy site for something else you like. Please, send me pictures of your projects so I can see and share them!



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