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I've been busy this week trying to change gears and get into Fall mode. Can you believe it's here already? Keith was just asking me if we should toss some boxes we had lying around, because he didn't want to hold onto them till Christmas. I had to break it to him that Christmas is only three months away. Three months! Time to get it in gear!

I've got lots of fun Fall project in the works that I will be sharing soon, so make sure to check back often. I have also been working on new Halloween goodies for my Etsy shop that are coming soon, and a few that are already available for purchase. You should stop in and have a look around the shop to see what's new! If you're throwing a party this year, and are looking for some killer custom decorations, let me know and I'll make something special to fit your theme. I love making custom orders! Also, make sure you check out my post about our upcoming Halloween Giveaway, and leave a comment telling me what you want to see in the package!

Before we get all dark and spooky for Halloween, let's enjoy the lovely weather and changing of the seasons. We've still got a week or two before October hits, so let's ease into the season with a little inspiration. While scrolling through one of my feeds the other day, I came across this wonderful quote and thought it would be nice for a Fall decor piece. So, to help bring the Autumn spirit to my home and yours, I decided to make a fun free printable. I hope you like it! If you have a quote you'd like seem made into a printable, leave a comment below!

Click here for Fall Printable

Fall Free Printable
Fall Free Printable
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Fall Free Printable