Gypsies Crafts & Treats Giveaway

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it is time for some giveaways! With the holidays coming up, it's a great time to spread the love and give out some goodies! Halloween is first on the list!

Before I start getting down to brass tacks on this thing, I need to know what you guys are loving from GCT and what you want to see given away. As you know, I have my Etsy shop, which will be loaded with holiday themed party supplies soon. I am considering giving away a party pack. Maybe a cake topper, bunting, cupcake toppers, buffet cards, etc.?

Another consideration is some holiday crafts and decorations, like my Faux Taxidermy creations, or Wall Art. Or maybe you'd like to see something new. Give me some ideas guys, and help me put together the ultimate Halloween Package Giveaway! I need your help!

Halloween Decorations
Spider Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Gift Tags
Skull and Crossbone Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Cake Toppers
Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Kiddy Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Halloween Cake Topper
Happy Halloween Card
Halloween Card
DIY Halloween Art
Halloween Art Project
Halloween Taxidermy
Halloween Taxidermy