I Live In Virginia



The novelty of this fact has yet to wear off. Last night we enjoyed a few libations and some succulent oysters at Old Ebbit Grill; the oldest saloon in Washington. The history of which is littered with the names and tales of historical and famous figures, spanning from 1856 to today. Who knows how many well knowns have bellied up to the bar exactly where I sat. That's pretty cool, if you stop to think about it.

After, we went for a little stroll in front of the White House, marveling at the fact that we can now do that quite often. It's only a short drive to D.C. from Richmond. We can stand all creepy-like outside of the President's lawn and take pictures like total tourists. That's just fun to do.

After an impromtu silly photo shoot outside of the White House gates, we wandered down to a little restaurant around the corner. The night air was lovely, so we dined al fresco, enjoying a nice cheese plate, and an order of bone marrow that looked as though a dinosaur had been portioned up and served on a wooden board with some hunks of crusty bread for sopping up the savory delight. We enjoyed every last hearty bit as we discussed our good fortune. 

Moving out here, we had no idea what we were in store for. Other than our backpacking adventures, neither of us had lived outside of Texas, and we didn't know if we would like the Lovers' State or the East Coast. We quietly feared that homesickness would take over and have us regretting making such a crazy decision to pack up our life and leave everything we knew behind. But if you know us, you know that we are great at rolling with the punches. Even if things don't always work out the way we planned, they do eventually work out. We tend to attract calamity, and everything we do seems to turn into some crazy adventure. There's never a dull moment, and that's what I love most. We never really know what we are getting ourselves into, but we are always excited find out. 

These days we pour over local magazines and websites in search of our next adventure. Wine festivals, food truck festivals, oyster festivals, beer festivals, watermelon festivals, state fairs, drag brunches, concerts, farm tours, cidery tours, brewery tours, winery tours, block parties, art shows, and more! We are falling in love with this beautiful city a little more everyday. I think everyone should fall in love with the place they live. Even if you've lived somewhere for a long time, get out and do something you've never done before. Be a tourist in your own town. A local radio station does a segment called Totally Tourist Tuesdays, which has inspired us to follow suit in doing totally touristy things around town. I'll keep you guys updated on our little outings.

For now, live everyday to the fullest and love the life your living! Love you guys!