Cute and Easy Picture Frames

How many of you are like me, and are guilty of having stacks of photos in boxes stashed around the house? Or worse, having thousands of unprinted photos filling file after file on your computer? *Hand raised* I love to take pictures. Pictures of everything! Pictures of my husband, my cat, my food, my friends, my family, every place I visit, my projects; you name it. When I do break down and print them, I do it in mass quantities, leaving me with far less frames than actual photographs. So, I say I'll switch them out regularly, which I never do, because I like them all and don't want to take them down. Thus, the boxes of photos in various closets. Dilemma!

So, what's the solution? Super cute frames that only take a second to switch out photos! Best of all, they cost so little to create, you can make as many as you want, and not spend a fortune! You can make them to fit any style or any room. They even make great gifts!


Unfinished wood

Acrylic craft paint


Clothes pin

Hot glue or super glue

Command strips


How to make it:

This project couldn't be easier. The hardest part is deciding what you want your frame to look like. I chose to use these cute little laser cut wooden frames from Michaels. If you like, you can use scrap wood that you already have, wooden plaques, or simple wooden shapes. Start by picking out where you would like your clothespin to sit. I used a regular sized clothespin, but you can often find cute little ones at your local craft store as well. If you choose to paint your clothespin before gluing it, make sure to skip the backside. The paint will make it more difficult for the pin to securely adhere to the frame. Once you've picked your placement, glue your pin. I used hot glue, but super glue will work wonderfully too.

After you've glued your pin, pick a color or design that you like, and go crazy! If you're not super creative, you can leave it a solid color. Use painters tape to do a simple striped pattern. Splatter paint it for an eye catching frame. If you're using a simple square frame, you could glue ribbon along the edge as a cute trim. Since my frames have a scalloped edge, I chose to work with the shapes given, and traced in ribbons of accent colors. There really is no limit to the ways you can dress this up! Since most of these will not have a hook, Command Strips are a great way to hang them, and they won't damage your walls! Have fun and share your pictures!

Let me know if you like this tutorial, and would like to see it done in different ways!