Stamped Clutch

I love this easy and stylish project! I am such an accessories girl, and this is a great way to make a customized bag that goes with everything, or for that outfit that you can't find anything to match. What a perfect opportunity to get creative and show your personality, even it you aren't the most artistic person in the world. You don't have to be!

When I'm really dressed up I like to mix in something a little funky, like a chunky necklace, some edgy heels, a leather jacket, or a fun hair accessory. I also like a little roughness, and the texture of this clutch is a nice pairing for something a little more polished, like a cocktail dress. Nothing beats having something that is absolutely unique to you, and this takes the cake because you made it! Make your girlfriends jealous with a one-of-a-kind clutch, or get them all together and have a crafting party!

What you need:

Plain clutch

Fabric paint


Soft paintbrushes

Paper plate

Masking tape or washi tape


How to make it:

You can find these unembellished clutches at most craft stores. I found this one at Hobby Lobby. For this project, it doesn't matter what type of fabric paint you choose. I chose a soft matte paint, but you can opt for a dimensional, pearl, or glitter paint if you like. It all depends on the look you are going for. You can also use foam stamps or regular stamps. Just make sure you pick a fairly solid shape, without too much detail, since small patterns will get lost in the thick paint.

Start by mapping out a pattern that you would like. I've been seeing a lot of Southwestern prints lately, and decided to go with a similar, but slightly toned down pattern. I used washi tape to help create two straight paths for my stamps. You do not have to do this, especially if you are going for a more random pattern, but it is helpful if you are going for more of a straight line. Add a little paint to your plate, and use a paintbrush to apply a nice even coat of paint on your stamp. Make sure you cannot see any stamp showing through, but try not to let the paint glob up on the stamp or around the edges, because you will not get as clean of an imprint. Carefully place your stamp where you would like it on the clutch, and press firmly. Lift stamp straight up to prevent smearing. Continue until you have achieved your desired look.

If some stamps did not transfer well, and you would like a more solid print, use a small paintbrush to fill in any faint areas with paint. I touched mine up a bit, but liked the way the slightly faded prints looked. Allow to dry for 4 hours, or the recommended drying time. If you would like to continue your pattern onto the backside, flip it over and repeat. If not, remove the washi tape, pick out an outfit and hit the town with your fabulous new clutch!

If you do this project, send me pictures! I'd love to see and share your work!