Shark Week Cocktail and Printables

Helloooooo Friday! Where have you been all week? It's time to wind down and enjoy me some weekend!

Speaking of weekend, we are wrapping up Shark Week! I hope you've been watching along! If you haven't, now is the perfect time to catch up while sipping on my Shark Week themed cocktail the Ocean Water. Consider it a grown up version of the drink you love from that burger place. The coconut goodness with transport you to sandy beaches, on shores of clear blue water, making you want to go for a swim. It being Shark Week, you may want to skip the dip and just enjoy the views. Get comfortable, grab the remote and a few friends, and settle in for a fin-tastic time!

Ocean Water:

1 oz Blue Curacao

2 oz Coconut Rum

6 oz Lemon Lime soda

Gummy fish for garnish


*If you are making a large batch of this, the measurements are 1 1/4 cups of Blue Curacao, 2 1/2 cups Coconut Rum, and 2 liters Lemon Lime soda. *


A few things to think about when serving drinks. If you are making a large batch of any drink, cocktail or not, you might consider leaving out the ice. As it sits, it will begin to water down your drink and your hard efforts. Instead, put a large bowl of ice next to your drink, so that your guests can add fresh ice as they fill their cups. You also want to make sure that everything they need is on hand, so that they don't have to go searching around the kitchen. Keep extra glasses, cocktail napkins, straws, and garnishes set up at your drink station. You may consider making a non-alcoholic version of your beverage, or something similar, for those who are driving, or simply don't care to drink. For an alcohol free version of this cocktail, simply substitute coconut extract and food coloring.


I hope you've been keeping an eye on our Shark Week party. Yesterday,  I shared my recipes for some tasty bites that are perfect for celebrating this week of underwater wonders. I hope you're planning on whipping up a batch of my Shark Attack cupcakes! They are to die for!

A few more tips for throwing an awesome shindig. When serving food, like beverages, you want to anticipate your guests needs, and have everything on hand that they may need. Extra plates, napkins, silverware, toothpicks, dressings, sauces, dips, or anything else that may have you dashing to the kitchen mid-fiesta. Also, keep back ups in the fridge. Have extra salsa, guacamole, chips, or appetizers ready to go when needed. All of this will help you and your guests sit back, relax, and enjoy each others company worry free.

To help warn your friends that they might have a killer time at your party, I've created some fun signs that you can hang on the door, so they see them as they walk in. You can also hang them on the wall around your buffet table, or lay them out among the spread. I've also got a printable banner, and food labels, to set off all your hard work with some little life savers. Links are at the bottom of the page.

I hope you got some helpful tips for throwing your own awesome bash. If you're celebrating this killer week, I'd love to see! Send me some pictures and I'll share them!

Shark Week Banner

Shark Week Food Labels

Shark Week Shark Attack Sign

Shark Week Warning Signs

Shark Week Danger Sign

*These are all created and owned by me. They are intended for personal use only. Please do not sell or distribute any of the above for any reason.*