Shark Attack Pins

Welcome back friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! Sunday was Keith’s birthday, and we decided to spend it in Washington, DC. He hadn’t been since he was a kid, and I have never been, so we thought it might be a fun trip for the two of us to make, and a great place to celebrate. We had a good time, despite more than a few things turning out to be utter fails. We were really hoping for a massively fun and successful trip, more along the lines of our Boston layover, but luck was not on our side this go ‘round. Oh well. More on that trip to come later. I also want to apologize for the site glitches. Please bear with me while  I am working on getting those fixed.

Right now, we have much more important things to talk about...Discovery Channel's long awaited, and greatly anticipated, annual Shark Week is here! A week long block of tantalizing tv drama, focused on the fact, the fiction, the myth, the mystery, and utter unpredictability of one of the Earth's greatest predators, and most fascinating creatures; the shark!  I don't know about you guys, but it has me tingling already!

You might be one of those who waits all year for this fierce Fin Fest, or you may not be that into it at all. Whichever the case, you can still have fun and celebrate this minor holiday with a playful attitude, and a few well placed Shark Attack Pins! Bring the fun to your office or class, and spread the joy of Shark Week to everyone you know, and maybe a few you don't!

What you need:


Craft paper

Hot Glue or strong adhesive glue

Craft paint in grey, red, black, and white



How to make them:

This is a fun and easy project, and you don't really have to have any artistic abilities.

Start by cutting out a fin shape out of a small piece of craft paper. Make sure to leave a little lip on it so that you can glue it onto the clothespin. Trace the fin out onto a larger piece of craft paper, as many times as the number of clothespins you are using, and cut them out. I recommend painting the fin grey next, before gluing it on, as it is a little tougher if you glue it first (like I did). Once paint is dry, fold the fin at the lip, and glue the lip of the fin to the pin. Then, continue by painting the mouth red, and the body grey. Once these have dried, add gills and eyes with the black paint, then teeth with the white.That's it! Done!

Now you can launch a massive "Shark Attack" on your friends! Make a game out of it! Give out prizes if you like! Most of all, have fun and never swim alone!