Citrus Print Napkins



I hope you guys enjoyed our Shark Week party last week. I had so much fun putting that together and sharing it with you all! Speaking of fun, let’s talk about fun projects!

I’ve got so many great DIY and craft projects on the docket, I can barely keep it together! I can’t wait to share them all with you! We’ll start with these adorable Citrus Print Napkins. They are so cute and easy, and will totally impress your next dinner guests! I love entertaining, even if it is just setting up a lovely dinner table for my husband and I. We have cabinets full of plates, bowls, platters, trays, dishes, vases, candle holders, placemats, napkins, and more, for just such purposes. If you ask me, one can never have too much of these sorts of things, but if you ask my husband, he may tell you a different story. So we won’t ask him. The darling does, however, humor me, and allows me to stockpile enough serving ware for the entertaining apocalypse.

Napkins are a great way to dress up any dining occasion. Pressed and impeccably folded linens, with a tasteful pattern, make for an exceptional fine dining experience. While a more casual print on a rustic fabric, that is maybe a little rumpled, will step up even the most relaxed dining. It can take a picnic from plain to pizazz! They are also a great way to show your personality and have a little fun. These Citrus Print Napkins can be made as clean or whimsical as you like, to show off your personal style. This is even a fun project to do with your kids!


What you need:

Plain napkins

Soft matte fabric paint

Large soft bristled paint brushes

Disposable plates


Citrus fruits of your choice

Paper towels or clean rags


How to make:

When choosing napkins, you don’t have to be terribly picky, and can find them just about anywhere. Cotton or linen is best, but avoid too fine a fabric. You can pick up plain ones like I used at your local craft store. You could even check at your local thrift store, and give new life to an old set. Make sure you wash and dry them prior to beginning this project. Also, be sure to use soft matte fabric paint, not dimensional, or pearl, for better results.

Lay your napkins out on newspaper to prevent the paint from bleeding through onto the surface below, and make sure you are working on a flat surface. Cut your fruits of choice in half or quarters, as you like, and set aside. I recommend having more than one of each shape, as the fabric paint may begin to dry and clump on the fruit after a few uses. Pour the fabric paint in the color of your choice onto a disposable plate, and use a soft bristled brush to paint the cross section of your fruit. Make sure you get a solid coat of paint so that you get a good print, but not so thick that you begin lose the details. Place painted side down onto your napkin, and press firmly. Lift straight up, to prevent smearing. Create a pattern if you like, or stamp haphazardly. There is no wrong way!


I recommend doing one color at a time, to prevent paint from drying midway through the process, and using a fresh plate for each one as well. If you notice the paint beginning to clump on your fruit, toss that piece and use a fresh one. You may want to clean your brush, and pour fresh paint periodically as well.  If you are only using one paint brush, make sure to clean it thoroughly before switching colors, to keep from mixing.

When satisfied with your prints, allow to dry for four hours, or as recommended for your brand of paint. Wash and dry before use, and enjoy the beautiful fruits of your labor!

Take pictures of your project and send them to me! I’d love to see and share them! Good luck and have fun!