Hibiscus Sun Tea

Hello from sunny Florida! I hope you are all having a good week so far. I am fresh off of the plane, and getting settled in to my lovely pool view hotel room in Orlando. While I am taking a little mini vacay, and totally plan on spending some time by the pool, I will still be working and bringing you some fresh and fun recipes this week! I hope you are ready!

First on deck, is my Hibiscus Sun Tea. This hot summer weather is just begging for refreshment, and what better way to cool off, than with a nice cool glass of ice tea. But this isn't just any ol' tea. This Hibiscus Sun Tea is bright, invigorating, perfect for a warm sunny day, and (best of all) it takes minimal effort! You'll just have to make a quick trip to your local International food market to pick up some dried hibiscus (Rosa de Jamaica). I found mine at our local Latino market.


2 quarts filtered of distilled water

2-3 large tea bags of choice (4-6 small)

1 cup dried hibiscus

Cheese cloth

Sugar (optional)


How to make it:

This couldn't be more simple. Fill a glass pitcher or jar with water. Make sure you use a clean glass container for this to prevent bacteria growth. It is also recommended to use filtered or distilled water, due to bacteria that can grow in tap water. I personally don't mind using tap water, as I have never gotten sick from it, but the choice is personal. Cut a section of cheese cloth, and tie up roughly a cup of dried hibiscus. You may want to double the cheese cloth to ensure that you don't get any floaties in your tea (though they won't hurt you). Add the cheese cloth with the hibiscus and your tea bags to the pitcher of water. I used green tea, because I enjoy the lighter flavor.

Finally, find a nice sunny spot on the porch to set the pitcher, cover it with a lid, plastic wrap, or towel, to keep unwanted guests out, and enjoy the next few hours worry free. Grab a book, and enjoy the weather, while the sun does all of the work. Let the tea brew for 2-4 hours. Keep in mind, the number of tea bags you use, and length of time you allow it to "brew" will determine the strength of your tea. Careful not to leave it too long, or it may turn bitter. If you like it sweetened, add a little sugar, or leave it the way it is, and just add ice! It's also nice to add a little squeeze of citrus, like lemon, lime, or orange! Keep leftovers refrigerated, and drink within a week. Enjoy!