Homemade Bath Bombs

I know that, for many of you, it's just another dreadful Monday. The definitive punctuation, marking the end of yet another weekend. The precious weekend that most longingly wait for from first light Monday morning.

If this is you, then I have just the remedy to help ease those Monday blues. How about pampering yourself with a nice relaxing bath? Doesn't that sound just divine? A nice quiet room, the warm glow of lit candles, soft music in the background, maybe a glass of your favorite wine, and an indulgent aromatic bath that lifts away the stress of the day.

I've always been a fan of baths, but never really been able to enjoy them in the cramped little tubs that I've always had. That is, until we moved into our current house, which has the fabulous jacuzzi tub pictured above. A simple warm soak is nice, but there is just something extra special about tossing in a delicious smelling bath bomb, that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, smelling heavenly, and soft as a newborn baby. The trouble is the hefty price that tends to go along with these little balls of joy. Well, there is a solution to this problem. If you have a little time, I've got a great bath bomb recipe that rivals those expensive (yet wonderful) Lush Bath Bombs. You might have many of these ingredients lying around, but you may have to pick up a few things.


1 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

6 Tbs cocoa or shea butter

2-3 Tbs sweet almond oil

2-3 Tbs coconut oil

Essential oils of your preference

Food coloring (optional)

Dried herbs or flowers (optional)

*I used dried lavender, rosemary, lemon peel, and rose

How to make:

Whisk cornstarch, baking soda, and citric acid together in a large bowl.

If you plan on making several different scents, evenly divide the dry ingredients into individaul bowls, then divide and add the raw cocoa or shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, desired essential oils, herbs, and food coloring to each bowl. If you are making one large batch, add everything to one bowl.

Use your hands to combine the wet and dry ingredients until the mixture becomes sand-like. Add more oil or essential oils as you feel necessary, to create the desired consistency and aroma. Then, firmly press mixture into molds. You can use candy molds, silicone molds, ice trays, muffin tins, or even plastic Easter eggs and Christmas ornaments. Feel free to be creative. Use a different mold for each scent to make it more fun!

Allow the bombs to dry in the molds overnight in a cool dry area. Humidity will cause the drying process to take longer, so check to make sure they are dried through. Once they are set, carefully remove the bombs, and store in containers to help them maintain their scent and freshness. I recommend using them within six months. Mason jars are a great way to preserve them, and you can decorate the jars with ribbon, lace, or cute tags!  Set up a cute little display near your tub to show off your hard work, draw a nice hot bath, and enjoy!

The scents I made were, Eucalyptus Rosemary, Bergamot Rose, Bergamot Lemon Peel, and Lavender Lemon. Get creative with this!

*A few notes: These will leave a residue in your tub, so be careful and make sure to clean up so no one else slips. Also, the dried herbs can make a bit of a mess. If you want to avoid this, leave them out altogether, or tie up your bath bomb in some cheese cloth or a nylon.