Pocahantas State Park

Since moving to Richmond, we've been pushing ourselves to get out and explore the area as much as possible. We love being outdoors, and with both of us working in front of computers most of the time, it is a nice way to break up the day to day routine. Over the weekend, we decided to venture out to a nearby state park. Pocahontas State Park located a short 20 miles from Richmond, and hosts live music throughout parts of the year. We've been dying to go camping, and thought we would do a little day trip to check it out, and see if this would be a good place to pitch a tent.

Not only does Pocahontas have an abundance of campsites, but it also offers kayak, canoe, paddle boat, and row boat rentals. There is a swimming area that has several pools, including children's areas for the little ones. The trails are great for hiking and biking alike, if you're not looking for anything too challenging. If you wander out long enough, you'll find that your only company is the occasional wildlife, and the tall reaching trees swaying softly in the breeze. It's actually quite nice.

We really enjoyed our little adventure, and are looking forward to spending a weekend sleeping among the trees. Where do you like to get away?