Around Richmond, Williamsburg, and Virgina Beach With Family

As you may know, Keith and I had family visiting all last week. It was a great way to spend the holiday weekend, and a chance to show them around Richmond. We had a fun Fourth of July barbeque, complete with fancy all beef "haut dogs" we picked up from Belmont Butchery; a local artisanal butcher. Saturday night, we loaded up in our F150, and drove to a spot where we could enjoy the local Independence Day fireworks from the bed of the truck, Texas style.

We spent some time over the week exploring Richmond; walking around the capital, touring Cary Street, and enjoying a few local eateries. On a night that we didn't feel like getting out of the house,  we had to order some Bottoms Up Pizza, which was our first meal in town, and is a Richmond staple. It has been great showing our friends and family around town, and getting to know the area along with them. Having only been here a short time, we've only begun to see what this lovely city has to offer.

On a whim, we made a day trip to tour Colonial Williamsburg, where we had the pleasure of seeing colonial war reenactments. Then, to round out our whirlwind week, we headed down to Virginia Beach for a few days, and enjoyed acting like tourists; eating at silly themed restaurants and buying goofy souvenirs. The weather was not too kind to us, as we were in the middle of the hottest week yet, with high winds that created a virtual sand storm along the beachfront. We brought a canopy, and rigged it so that we basically made a bunker to try and escape the sandy vortex. We could only watch as other beach goers lost umbrellas, towels, hats, and more to the unrelenting gusts of wind. I didn't get many pictures due to the sand, but we managed to enjoy ourselves, nonetheless, and all went home happy and a little darker. 

Here's a look at our week: