French 75

Summer is definitely here in full swing! The temperatures are rising, social gatherings are piling up on the calendar, and the need for refreshment is imperative. If you're like me, a cooler of cold beer just isn't going to fit the bill; I like something a bit more fun. A French 75 is perfect for summer entertaining and is one of my absolute favorite cocktails. It is light and refreshing, and perfect for a warm weather sioree. It's rather simple to make, but leaves a big impression!

The exact measurements vary, depending on your source, but here is how I make it:

French 75

1-2 Sugar Cubes (or sugar)

1/2 Lemon

2 oz Gin


Lemon Twist

You will also need a glass and or shaker, muddler, citrus press, and strainer.

To make:

Place 1-2 sugar cubes (or desired amount of sugar) in glass and crush with muddler. Squeeze half of lemon into glass. Add 2oz of gin. Add ice, shake, and strain into glass. Top with Champagne, and a lemon twist for garnish. So easy!