Adventures in Moving: Part II

Hello everyone! As you may know, two weeks ago we packed our lives into a U-haul and headed across the country to Virginia! And it was an adventure indeed!

The weeks leading up to the move had us living in a sea of boxes; utterly wading from room to room, with cardboard as far as the eye could see. For such a small place, we sure seemed to have a lot of stuff  (things you don't realize until you have to put it all into boxes). Throughout the process there was the "Do we really need this?" or "How attached are you to this?" questions, as we tried to thin out our lot. Many things were sacrificed, but most can be replaced. 

When the movers came to help us load the U-haul the day before the move, my inner control freak squirmed and cringed as I watched them stack and cram our possessions into the twenty foot truck. I had to busy myself with packing the last of our things so as not to have an utter meltdown. One little thing we managed to overlook while they loaded up, was our air mattress being lumped into the mix. Doh! We would not be getting the good night's sleep we had hoped for. Instead, we slept on this...

Sometime in the night it got very cold, but we had packed up all of our extra blankets, so we had to roll ourselves up into the comforter like a human burrito. Chilly and unable to move, we got little rest. Oh well. We loaded the last of our things and cleaned the house the next morning. Keith went to pick up the trailer that we were going to haul the truck with, only to find it didn't fit! Argh! We had loaded the truck up Clampetts style, piling everything we could into the back and the cab to utilize every inch of space available. 

Change of plans, we took back the trailer, and got another small enclosed trailer to pull behind the U-haul. We unloaded half of truck into it, because I would now have to make the drive. Not the ideal situation, as I usually fall asleep two hours into any road trip. We ended up buying a set of walkie talkies, so that we could talk without having to deal with our phones while driving. They were actually great at keeping us in touch and alert, as well as fun. So off we went; two Texans, a cat, a U-haul, a small trailer, and a truck, off to Virginia!

We  made a few stops along the way (including taking the obligatory pic in Texas bluebonnets), and I snapped some pictures of the scenery (which was mostly the ass end of a U-haul), that I thought would be fun to share. Most of them were taken through the windshield, so please forgive me. Here is the rest of our adventure...

Hope you all enjoyed the visual tour of our journey.

Tune in next week to find out how we got our queen size bed up the small stairwell of our new house!