Adventures in Moving: Part I


 This weekend was quite an adventure. Actually, it was more of a misadventure. Friday morning, we woke up early and headed to the airport to fly to Richmond for a few days. We wanted to look for houses and explore the city a bit before we went all in and hauled our lot across the country. As we approached the airport on Hwy 71, my clutch went out in my car. What!?! Stranded within sight of our destination at seven in the morning!

Quick thinking. We only had an hour to figure this out and get on a plane. I called a cab, while he called a local mechanic to see if we could have it towed to their shop. They gave us a number of a towing company they use and told us we could pay for it when we returned. Awesome!

Still waiting for a cab we were told would arrive in 20 minutes or less, I called back, and the was told they hadn't found anyone to pick us up! Aaahhhh!!! Told her FORGET IT!, and called someone else. We abandoned the car with a hidden key for the tow truck driver (and hopes that it would make its destination), and started walking to a nearby Quality Inn. We happened to walk up just as their shuttle was heading to the airport, and the driver was kind enough to have mercy and give us a ride! Saved!

Run into the airport, wind up in a line for security, and then have the issue of my maiden name being on my ticket instead of my married name. I came prepared with our marriage certificate, and an expired license to get us through this obstacle, but it took a minute to convince them and get through. We are on pins and needles! We can't miss this flight! We get through security and sprint through the airport, and get to our gate, which is already closed! The ticket checker calls the plane, and they said we could board if we did it quickly. Yessss!!!  She unlocked the gate, and let us on huffing and puffing, with the entire flight staring at us as we took our seats. Made it by the skin of our teeth!

These are those moments where you look at every little thing, and say "Had this happened..." or "Had that not happened..." but things have a way of coming together just the way they need to.