DIY Planner

I don't know about you, but one of my main goals this year was to get more organized. I tend to be a little forgetful, so I needed to find a way to keep all of the important things in my life neat and accessible. I've noticed a couple of people I follow on Instagram are really into these Filofax planners. I think they are super cute, and totally customizable, which is fantastic if you're a little creative like me. I went to Target in search of one of these, or something like it. I came up with almost nothing. I scoured the aisles, but could not find a planner with any character, and definitely didn't find any Filofax planners.

What I did find was this adorable mini binder on clearance, as well as lined paper, pocket dividers, and mini page protectors. I figured it was a good start, and I could go from there. I took my goodies home and searched around on Pinterest for some inspiration and free printables. With some great ideas, I got to work. Here is my planner...

 I snagged this cutie for under $3!

I used some printed duct tape to give it a little big of fun character. I want to decorate the cover more, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet.

I personalized the inside with one of my postcards trimmed down and a free printable I found. I love inspirational little quotes, so I'll be adding them throughout.

My first section is my calendar. 

I used craft paper to line the back of my printed calendar pages, and had to dress them up a bit.

I also bought sticky tabs to make flipping through the months easier.

For the monthly calendar, I found a great source for free printables by Kate Goldsby.

She also provides great ideas and inspiration with her own Filofax.

I chose to use her monthly and weekly templates. And again, I had to add my own touch to each.

Next to my weekly planners, I added these pocket dividers to hold important items like bills.

Behind the calendars, I created personalized sections that work best with my life. I have a To Do, Shopping, Orders, Etsy, Blog, Notes, and Cleaning. 

I used the lined paper I purchased, and made a template with Microsoft Word to customize pages for each section.

I copied and pasted the template, and changed each one bit.

A great source for fonts that I use is DaFont.

I found some great ideas for creating my own cleaning list on Pinterest. I pulled ideas from several different places to create my own using Microsoft Word. I used lightweight card stock for this, cut 8 1/2" x 11" sheets in half and printed on both sides.

Here's how I made my dividers.

Use and 8 1/2" x 11" paper, or cut one down to that size.

Fold it over, leaving about a half inch exposed.

Mark off where your tab should be, and trim it down.

I used stamps to label it, but you could write it by hand, print it, or use a label maker. You could skip this process altogether and use sticky tabs here as well.

I used page protectors for my dividers, but you could easily punch holes in them and add them to your binder.

A planner is useless if you don't have a pen, so I used some heavy duty glitter craft paper to make a little pocket, which I hot glued on. 

The whole thing is a work in progress. I'm so excited to have this now! Please feel free to ask questions, or share your own ideas!