Our Haunted House

  Hello friends, fiends, ghouls and goblins alike! Welcome to our haunted house! Actually, welcome to our decked out little duplex. Despite our lack of ownership, we have an abundance of enthusiasm for keeping our abode fun and inviting; especially for holidays! Most our decorations I made myself or bought from the Dollar Tree. The blood on the front door is fake blood that I picked up at the Dollar General. I honestly don't know it it's going to wash off. Here's hoping! 

So, here is a peek at some things lurking outside of our home this Halloween.

The bats are cut out of stiff felt from the craft store.

The spider and webs were inexpensive snags from the Dollar General.

This wreath was a cheap purchase from the craft store that I covered in plastic bugs from Dollar Tree and spray painted black. I added the bats and webbing from the Dollar General after the fact.

These styrofoam tombstones and severed body parts were Dollar Tree purchases.

All of my awesome rats were found at the Dollar General

We shredded inexpensive white fabric from the craft store.

My hubby's pumpkin.

My pumpkin.

My broom and crow were picked up at Goodwill last year.