Halloween Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I've been giving you little peeks at what I've been working on for this gallery wall. The Faux Taxidermy tutorial and the DIY Halloween Art were both projects intended for this collection. I've thrown in a few other pieces to round out the group, and it has come together so fantastically! Here are some photos of it all put together, and some close ups of the individual pieces.

The EAT letters were a previous project I worked on. The pumpkin picture was made by cutting a pumpkin shape out of craft paper, layering over a different color craft paper, and simply framing it.

The bat was purchased from the Dollar General, and hung in an empty frame that I chose for its interesting detail.

The poison skull and crossbones are painted on a cheap small canvas from the craft store. I sketched out the design with pencil first, then painted over it with acrylic craft paint.

I had a blank space that needed to be filled, so I framed this scrapbook page with this wonderful haunted house print on it. Easy, easy easy!

These prints we super simple, and only took me about a half hour to make! For the free printable link and tutorial click here.

I absolutely loved making my little taxidermy collection, and couldn't be more pleased with how they look hung on the wall. For the tutorial to make your own click here.