Halloween Faux Taxidermy

Ok, I have to say that I'm totally in love with these! They turned out better than I even imagined. Originally, I was just going to paint the wooden plaques with silhouettes, but my husband saw them and asked what I was going to mount something on them. After he asked, I realized that it was a brilliant idea! So, I started thinking about what I could use that would be inexpensive. Stuffed animals came to mind, and then the weirder part of my brain thought of the doll head. So, idea in mind, I went in search of subjects and found them at the Dollar General for a few dollars each, which suited my budget perfectly.


What you need:

Wooden plaques

Stuffed animals

Craft paint


Stiff felt


Needle and thread

Hot glue or strong adhesive glue


How to make them:

You'll want to start by painting your plaques. I chose orange, black, grey, and white for my color scheme, but you can customize them to fit your decor. Have fun and make different patterns or designs! Next, you'll have to odd task of beheading the little guys. I just used a large pair of crafting scissors.

Once you've decapitated your subjects, you'll want to cut a circle of stiff felt that will cover the hole in the back of the head. Use the needle and thread to stitch the felt over the opening. You don't have to be a seamstress to do this, or make it pretty. No one will ever see it. Now, place a good amount of hot glue or a strong adhesive glue to the back the felt, and place it on the plaque, pressing firmly. You may want to hold it for a minute to make sure it adheres.

If you are attempting the doll head, you will need a screwdriver and screw. Make sure your screws are not longer than your plaque is thick. You shouldn't need more than a 1/2 inch screw. I drilled one through the back and one through the inside of the head. If it is not a firm plastic head, be warned that it is difficult to screw into.

I hope you guys like this slightly creepy tutorial! Happy haunting!

I apologize for the pictures. The lighting was terrible!