Industrial Shelving

Recently, the hubby and I were faced with the decision of whether or not we wanted to renew our lease. We felt like we were ready for a change, but we really want our next move to be into a home that we own. Our dilemma is that we are running out of space in our little rental, but we would be paying about $500 more a month to move into a bigger place. That's money we could be saving for a down payment. So, we've decided to suck it up and stay where we are. Our solution is to spend a little bit of money adding storage to our little nest. Our next big project will be to build shelving in our living room, in order to give us a place to put our records, electronics, decorations, etc. Here's what I've been looking at, and am over the moon for!

{A Beautiful Mess}

                                 I can't wait to get started, and show you how it all turns out!