Banana Cream Cheese Muffins with Streusel Topping

Banana bread was my introduction into baking, and for the longest time it was what I was known for. It took me a long time to start venturing out into cupcakes, cakes, and other snacks. The hubby and I are going to the family lake house this weekend, and I have some perfectly blackened bananas just waiting to be make into bread! I know the family will be happy if I show up with banana bread, but this time I'm adding a little twist. I've started making muffins filled with a cream cheese filling and a streusel topping. The original recipe was from the women's guild at my childhood church. I've taken some liberties with it, and made it my own. I'll post the substitutions I made at the end.

Can you tell I've used this a lot?


-4oz cream cheese

-2 c sugar

-2Tbs milk

Blend in a mixer, spoon into a piping bag, and pipe into the center of each batter cup.


There are tons of ways to make this. You can add flaxseed, chia seeds, skip the granola, or whatever you like.

-1c granola

-1/2c rolled oats 

-2Tbs brown sugar

-2Tbs butter

-Squeeze of honey

-Dash of cinnamon

 Combine all with fingers or a fork. Sprinkle desired amount onto each battered cup before baking.

Since I made muffins instead of bread, I cut my baking time down. For regular size muffins I bake them for 30 min, and for minis I bake them for about 20 min.


I rarely make the same thing the same way twice. These are some of the substitutions I often use.

-1/2 c BUTTER SPREAD if I don't have the real stuff.

-1/2 c SUGAR and 1/2 c BROWN SUGAR (I usually leave out the other 1/2 cup).

-You can use HONEY also for more depth of sweetness.

-Not that this is a healthy recipe, but I usually use 1/2 c ALL PURPOSE FLOUR and 1/2 c WHOLE WHEAT OR MULTIGRAIN FLOUR to make it a touch healthier.

-I usually use ALMOND MILK, because that's what I have around. SOY MILK works also.

-If I have it in the fridge, I throw in 1/2 c SOUR CREAM or YOGURT for added moistness.

-I'm also guilty of adding a dash of BOOZE to almost everything I bake. Dark or spiced rum work great with banana bread!

-And the best tip of all, wait until your bananas are almost black. They are at their sweetest and give the bread the best flavor.

Good Luck!