I'm Sick and Can't Sit

  I've been getting clusters of allergy shots over the last month or so, and last week I started getting a higher dosage. I went for my shots yesterday, and went straight to the grocery store after. While shopping, I could feel my face and neck getting warm and irritated. By the time I got home, I was completely broken out in hives, from my forehead down to my calves! Ugh! Today, the hives are gone, but now I feel like I have a cold. Boo. But being the can't-sit-still kind of person I am, I reorganized my craft room (for the millionth time), using some awesome little glass jars I got from the dollar store, made some cards for some special folks, made a little hot toddy to keep me going, and some chocolate dipped pretzels topped with toffee bits, along with a few loads of laundry. Not bad for a sick day.