House Envy

Well, the hubby and I are officially talking about buying a home, and passively looking. Our lease, however, is up in August, so we probably need to get serious and put the pedal to the metal! We are both in the mindset of finding something older, with good bones, that we can fix up and make our own. We can't wait to have something that we can destroy and put back together! My fantasy is to take something that was never meant to be a house, and turn it into a fabulous home. Of course, while I am musing over this idea, the blogs are flooded with fabulous buildings that have been transformed into marvelous habitations. Here are some of my favorites.

Old Warehouse
{desire to inspire}
Old Berlin Factory
{the style files}
Modern Church Conversion
{desire to inspire}
Hay Barn Conversion
{desire to inspire}