Magnetic Spice Tins

I love the look of spice tins, and I feel like I've been seeing them everywhere. I thought, how great would it be to free up some space in my pantry, and have a sharp looking spice display? Checking into it, I found it hard to find some that weren't already filled (we already own tons of spices) or ridiculously expensive. So, I took matters into my own hands. I found a this great website,

Specialty Bottle

, that sells tins, bottles, jars, and more, at an unbeatable price! I got my

2.5oz tins

for $.69 each, and my

4oz tins

for $.83 each. I went to my local craft store, bought a pack of strong magnets, and got glued them to the back of the tins. I now have all of my spices handy on the side of the fridge, next to my cookbooks and pictures from my nieces. No more running back and forth to the pantry! The only thing I might recommend, is screw top tins. I already had a little accident and ended up with coriander seeds all over the place.