My Bohemian Wedding: My Dress

Now that all the rice has settled, let's take a look at how my wedding actually turned out...

After trying on dozens of dresses, in search of

the dress,

and finding myself no closer to acquiring it, I decided to try on my Mother's wedding dress on a whim. Having not even looked at it in over fifteen years, I had no clue what condition it was in, or if it would fit. As it turns out, it was similar to the style I was looking for, it was in pretty good condition, and it fit like a glove! With a little work, it could be perfect. I had the eighties princess sleeves altered and cut down to cap sleeves, and spent many late nights watching Sex and the City reruns, hand sewing sequins and beads along the neckline. After months of work, it was

the dress.

Here's how it looked on the big day.


I tried tucking the sleeves up.


Photography compliments of

Swell Chick Photography