Driftwood Hanging Mobile

I've had this Driftwood from our family's lake house laying around our house for months. I used them for centerpieces at our wedding, but they've become clutter since then, and Keith has been bugging me to get rid of them. They were such good pieces, I didn't want to toss them. So, I found a fun use for them; a hanging mobile!

First, I gathered up most of the pieces and picked out some paint colors.

Then, I painted stripes haphazardly on each.

Lots of colors!

I went to the hardware store and bought washers and eye hooks.

I then used a drill to pre-drill holes for the eye hooks.

Then, screwed two into each piece of driftwood.

Finally, I used pliers to pull apart the eye hooks enough to get the washers in them, and linked them all together.

And viola`! A hanging mobile!