Pallet Bed Frame

I have been looking for pallets to make a frame for my guest bedroom on and off for a while now. Every time I find some, another person gets to them first, or they are in bad shape. I finally found a nice gentleman who had a large number of them, and was more than happy to give me as many as I could take. I took Keith's truck and picked up over a dozen. It was more than I needed, but I wasn't about to stop him while he was working the fork lift, and I figured I could find some use for the rest. It only took four for the platform of the bed and one for the headboard. I haven't finished the headboard, but here is the frame. It is nothing too fancy, but it works, and was waaaaaay cheaper than buying one.

This is after I had already unloaded about half of them.

He gave me a few smaller ones, which I used for this project, because the 

dimensions were perfect for the dimensions of the bed.

I watered down some leftover paint I had to give it more

 of a washed look.

I realized after I started painting that the edges were the only part

that would be seen. Here is the layout for under the bed.

Here it is all put together.

I'll post pictures of the headboard when I finish it.