Wine Box Bookshelf

I finally have a new DIY for you! I know it's been a while, but between the holidays, birthdays, and my engagement, it's been a little crazy around here. Excuses aside, I've got a good one for you. I've been avoiding my office/our guest room like the plague, because it's been such an awful cluttered mess. We've had a few guests come through in the last month or so, and have had to put them on an air mattress. It is a nice one at least, but now we must get a bed. Determined to get the room in working order, because my crafting items had completely taken over, I put my foot on the gas with getting it organized, and I needed shelves.

We didn't want any bulky bookshelves that would be difficult to get up and down the stairs, or anything that would be a pain to put together. We wanted something functional, that could organize all of my crafting stuff, and that would be easy to remove when we decide to move. I came up with a number of ideas and sketches, but the cost of making each of them just wasn't reasonable. I decided to keep the desk (table) that I have, and use some wine boxes and boards to create a shelving system above it. We purchased the boxes from a local liquor store for around $60, and the 9"x10' board for $12 and had it cut in half for free at the store. We had everything else we needed, so the total for the project came to $72. Now we just had to figure out how we wanted it to look, and put it together. Keith being the obliging fiance that he is, helped me (completely) execute the project, and in less than thirty minutes. So easy! Here's how we did it...



Pre-drilled the screws to screw the box into the stud.

Screwed into where we marked off the stud, found with the stud finder.

Added the second box level with the first.

Placed a board and wine box on top and secured with screws.

A few more screws for security.

The top boxes are floating and can be moved.